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Have you ever emailed files to yourself to access them at another location? No need to. Try Dropbox to access your files anywhere in this mobile world. Once your “stuff” is dropped, get to it from your computers, phones, or tablets.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a library of educational videos free to anyone. The topics covered include mathematics (basic arithmetic to differential equations), science, and humanities, history, and finance. There are practice exercises for mathematics as well as for statistics


Merlot provides a wealth of free resources for faculty and students with a focus on postsecondary education. It has 39,784 available materials and 110,553 members. Resources available include learning materials, learning exercises, connections with colleagues across disciplines, a virtual speaker’s bureau, and access to MERLOT’s Journal for Online Learning and Teaching (JOLT). Within learning materials teachers may explore a variety of material types including animation, assessment tools, assignments, case studies, development tools, ePortfolio, presentations, quizzes, reference materials, simulation, tutorials, and much more.


SmoothDraw is a natural painting and digital free-hand drawing software that can produce high quality pictures, with an intuitive UI. It supports many kinds of brushes (pen, pencil, dry media, airbrush, bristle brush, and image hose); retouch tools (burn, dodge, blur, shapen, and smudge). Works with tablets and Tablet PC.
Instead of an overhead projector, use SmoothDraw with a mouse, pen, or tablet. No more lamps to burn out and no more cleaning transparency sheets. Among other options, you can convert images to PDF using a program like PDF reDirect and then place them on your Blackboard page.

Image-resizer Utility

Allows you to make your pictures smaller, both in the size of the file and in your ability to make pictures fit into small screens, such as hand-held computers with little to no loss of quality. Smaller pictures mean you can send file attachments that were too big before or students can open video files much more quickly when the pictures are smaller. For information on how to download and use, see the following five-minute video tutorial:

PC Health Checkup

Five-minute video tutorial on four, easy steps you can take to make your PC run faster and more efficiently

Grade Averaging Using Excel

Prezi (

Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software that opens up a new world between whiteboards and slides. See the following for a very brief video explanation:
Prezi is free for education; to register, to the following site:


A screen capture program that can be used to capture video for up to five minutes; this is good for uploading, getting a link, and inserting the link into an email for students or colleagues who need quick but visual instructions for a task. A screen-capture photo can also be taken; Jing provides photo marking/editing capabilities, also good for instructional purposes.

JSCC Distance Education Department Resources for Instructors

This page includes information on best practices for online learning, procedure for course development, help files for Blackboard, help files for Tegrity, and information on how to create pdf files and faculty Web pages.

Academic Integrity and Avoiding Plagiarism Tutorial

This tutorial is a Merlot award winner and recognized by the Sloan Consortium. Here’s a quotation from Merlot describing the Vail Tutor:
In four modules the VAIL Tutor provides an overview of academic integrity concepts and practical tips for avoiding plagiarism. By assigning this tutorial, faculty will introduce their students to proper documentation practices and academic integrity policies. An electronic Certificate of Successful Completion is displayed on the screen and e-mailed to users after successful completion of the included online quiz.

Google Swifty (beta)

Annoyed that you can’t view Flash files on your iPad? You’re not alone, Google “Swiffy converts Flash SWF files to HTML5, allowing you to reuse Flash content on devices without a Flash player (such as iPhones and iPads).

Creating a Digital Portfolio or a Web Page

Great video tutorials on how to use Google sites to create a digital portfolio, scrapbook, or Web page:

Recite: (Turns quotes into posters)

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