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Home - JSCC New Media in Instruction Have you wondered why faces need a book or what’s causing everyone to twitch, or rather, twitter? What’s so great about a Blackberry? Should you go the iPhone route instead?

Have you ever wondered about what the latest, greatest breaking news is in the world of technology? Have you ever had a technology-related question and wondered if another faculty member had experience with or knowledge that might answer your question?

You know you are supposed to share with fellow instructors what you learned at that great conference you went to, and you did get some great tips on how to podcast and—oh, yeah, that great Web site with resources for integrating technology. However, that was last December and you haven’t yet found a way to share that information.

You know that you were sent the minutes from that meeting by email, but where in the world is that email? You meant to download the attachment, but you hadn’t gotten around to it, and now you can’t find the email with the attachment.

You wanted to go to that face-to-face workshop, but between clinicals, paper grading, and having to take a sick day with that stomach virus, you were not able to make a single scheduled session, and you really, really wanted to know about that topic. Gee, do you wish for information that you could look at when you get a chance---something along the lines of drive-through tutorial sessions only it would be more like Web-surf-through sessions.

Charlie Cobb, NMIC Chair Emeritus, originally posed the question, “What could this Wiki be used for?”
As I am picking up where Charlie left off as the current NMIC chair, I’m going to provide a few thoughts to answer the open-ended question he posed. Here’s what this Wiki can provide:

►Information sharing (new tools and access to people who’ve used them, technology-related ideas received at conferences)

►posting NMIC minutes and business

►Ongoing news related to Instructional Technology Academy (ITA)

►Video tutorial library (surf-through workshops, so to speak)

►Discussion space for questions and answers

This wiki is viewable by the public, but it can only be edited by those who have permission to do so. If you have information to share, an article you’d like to post, or a question you wish posted, please email your information or request to Linda Dobyns (lhanson@jeffstateonline.com), who is in charge of the wiki.

Welcome to the NMIC Wiki world!